Solar Devices That Will Save You Money

23 October 2018

A portable solar charging device refueles a smartphone sitting on a log

Free energy is something we all want, and solar power provides. Solar energy also increases access to power in remote locations, does not require cords attached to a physical outlet, and provides sustainable environmental benefits.

Recent technological advancements have reduced the size and lowered the price of many solar products, expanding the use of solar power to more devices. Here are a few products now available using solar energy:

Solar Energy on The Go


The increased use of electronics, which drain batteries quickly, leads to a constant search for electrical outlets. Solar powered options not only offer more convenience, but they also eliminate the cost of powering your devices.

Solar power charges come in the form of power packs or window mounted devices.

Power packs enable you to charge devices from anywhere. While solar options are larger and heavier than traditional power banks, the integrated solar panels reach full charge within a couple of hours and can charge your devices from anywhere. Window mounted chargers work on both home and vehicle windows.


Backpacks look like traditional backpacks with a small solar panel on the outside. You can connect phones, cameras, and other devices to the port inside the backpack to stay connected while enjoying the outdoors.


Speakers with top faced mini-solar panels connect devices through a USB port or with Bluetooth technology. Charging requires two or more hours of sunlight for a full charge.


Flashlights and lanterns in their solar form are useful for both campers and hikers. Keeping solar flashlights in your home can provide light even if you lose power.

Solar Energy in Your Home

Outdoor Lights

Outdoor Lights are one of the most popular uses of solar in-home applications. You can install solar security lighting, accent lights, and even solar Christmas lights. Nearly all outdoor lighting applications offer a solar option. Most lights charge during the day and provide light at night. Added motion sensors can preserve the energy for extended application needs.

Cookers and Grills

New to the market, some grills and cookers have reflectors which capture the sun’s rays and convert it into a heat source of up to 550° F. Perfect for outdoor cooking and grilling needs.

Solar Fountains

Fountains require a motor to keep the water circulating. Solar energy can maintain the motor without requiring energy costs or unsightly cords.

Solar Ventilation

Attic fans can regulate attic temperatures, allowing hot air to escape during the summer months and lowering your power bill. Solar options further reduce the cost of cooling your home.

Solar Heating

Water heaters and pool heaters use a solar power grid, which provides energy to heat the water in your water heater or pool. You can choose roof or ground mounted options.

Solar Panels

Solar panels on your roof can provide power for your entire home and reduce electrical power usage by up to 100%. You can select panels or shingles. The panels attach to an existing roof, where shingles placed on the roof are part of the structure. Roof applications are the most expensive solar option for your home, but provide the highest benefit in terms of cost savings.

Solar Generators

Solar generators can provide power on the go or enough energy to power your home in the event of an outage. Small generators can power devices such as laptops, phones, and small appliances. Larger home generators can power refrigerators, major appliances, and other household devices.

Products powered by solar energy are available in more applications and at lower prices. Now more consumers can convert devices to solar energy for convenience, cost savings, and the environmental benefits.