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Chevron Funding wants to put the choice back in your hands. Yes, you’ve gotten into debt but that shouldn’t mean you hand over control to credit card companies. We can help you. A low rate debt consolidation loan will help you feel more in control by lowering your interest rate, swapping the stack of bills for a single bill, and cutting your monthly payments by almost half. Is there even a choice?

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St. Cloud, MN
In 2016, I had an accident that laid me up for 3 months. In that time, I racked up nearly $45,000 in credit card debt – between medical expenses, and just lying in the house spending money. For the last couple of years, the interest rate and balance have ballooned to a place that I could not manage. Working with Chevron Funding has helped me get back on track.
Las Vegas, NV
I lost my job and was not prepared. My bills got overwhelming and I am embarrassed to admit, I stopped paying them. I didn’t even open the envelopes. The people at Chevron Funding understood my situation, listened to me, and didn’t make me feel judged. What a relief. Chevron Funding helped me to pay off my debts. Now, I can handle life again.
Winnetka IL
When my parents died, I took over the business. I put a lot on my personal credit cards thinking I was helping, but, I only hurt myself. Chevron Funding showed me the way out of my debt and into the black again.